Wednesday, October 15

Institute Lumiere

is where people go to learn how to play the character of Lumiere in Beauty & the Beast

I really hope you didnt believe that.

It's actually the house where the Brothers Lumiere grew up.
So who cares right?
Well if you own, use, have ever used a camera, or have any pictures in your control....then you should!! If you own, rent, watch, or have ever watched a should!! These guys invented the snapshot camera, color photos, as well as the movie projector, the camera that records movies, and they were the first to ever make a film, show a movie to a public audience and the first to ever charge admission. Makes you feel pretty incompetent huh??

And even more bizzzaro is that their last name means Light.....?? Coincidence?? I think not!
Well they grew up in Lyon and invented and did all the above mentioned shiz in here you go....your very own tour!

This is what their house looks like.....its a mini replica....
Here is their parents room....their father owned one of four telephones in existence in Lyon around the mid 1800s. They other 3 belonged to the mayor, military, and the regional government building. So they were the only civilians to own a phone at the time.....crazy huh?
Brothers Lumiere invented the below glass plates for which a snapshot could be recorded on...
And the first color photo...
Basically the camera used to look like this, and you had to hire a pro chemist to mix some black goo that they spread on a plate, then pressed a button, and you had to sit there for at least 8 min while the camera took your photo. Cool huh? No.... So the Lumiere Brothers invented this glass plate with premade dry film on it that you placed in a camera,which they also invented, and bam in one second you get a photo, then you take the glass plate(s) to a developer and you could have as many photos printed out as you thanks to them, the camera was thus able to be used by the everyday man and mass printed.
Here are some more photos of their house ....

Here is a mini replica of where they shot the first film....its workers leaving their father's factory.
The first movie 'projecteur'
My class at the exact location where the first film was shot, pretending to be workers leaving the factory.
And yes, because I am me, I had my class reenact the first film for my readers!
They tore down the old factory to make a movie theatre for the Institute but they kept the roof from where the workers exited during the first shoot.

Me on the exact spot where the camera was placed to make the first film.....
Hope you enjoyed the tour, and if you are at all confused by my version of what the tour guide said, or you would like to know more....I encourage you to do some online research and you can even youtube the first film by typing "workers leaving the factory" Enjoy!
This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci...signing out!
*My first and only dirty martini....yuck

Sunday, October 12

Half Birthday's are the Best!

This blog is a little out of date order....but I thought you would want to know.... also this one has a video!!

Well, my half birthday was on September 23rd and we all know I love any reason to being the wonderful honey bunny that he is, my sugar pie took me out for my and cheese!! The place he took me to was to DIE FOR!!!! I don't think we had a chance to say more than 10 words to each other because we were too busy salavating. The chef buys all of his meats and cheeses fresh from a pedestrian market near one of the rivers here in Lyon. And what makes them so good you ask? They are not allowed, off limits, illegal in the US....yup thats right baby, Im eating across enemy lines!! The reason they arent't allowed is because the cheese is fermented right out of the cow's/goat's udder. Zero amount of pasteurization!!! And it's like the drug of the cheese world....once it hits your're addicted! Basically the french aren't afraid to go "au naturel" !!!

So find out out your half birthday and/or the date of your conception and celebrate know you always wanted to celebrate your birthday twice, thrice...who cares..?!

I was super duper lucky to get a second sussssprise!!
An at home wine and cheese night!! Ohh la la!
(You're probably wondering where the meat is....but that came later!!)

Here is Dolce wanting a piece of the action!

Had to pause for a photo opp!!!

And here is for all ya'll Dolce fans!

This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci...signing out!

Monday, October 6

Lawyers are always more ready to get a man into troubles than out of them

And that's exactly what happened!!

Here in France you have a sort of grad school for lawyers so they can become big time and even more lawyer-ish or something like that. So after deciding that being just a level one lawyer wasn't good enough, going through one year of even more hellacious studying and cramming, and after completing their first set of exams, Stephane and his fellow lawyers/classmates decided it was time to defy the law....of alcohol consumption! Naturally I felt I should join them in their endeavors.

So we started the evening eating Mexican was actually pretty decent, except for the definition they gave for a taco was that it was a sandwich from Mexico?? And their Tequila was no bueno.....but aside from that, they get an A for effort.

And they even had tortillas......

After, we worked our way to an "american" bar, they play top-40, serve Bud and Corona, and its the only bar in town that offers 2 poles to dance on!!! But you have to pry the 16 year old girls off of them first. I guess there is a perk to the american 21&up rule......

I don't know where he got these from, but they look good......on Woody Allen hahahaha

Before the drinks...

Still before the drinks hahaha

And sadly, yes.....still before the drinks

Then we went to a pirate themed bar....arggghh!

Is this what they mean when they say "Get some Booty?"

The legally tipsy lawyers

The legally blonde, tipsy lawyer groupie

The spanish girl praying for the answer to why her american friend is soooooooo strange.

But she forgot that Jesus is my Homeboy!

For the protection of the parties involved we had to keep out the more provactive and drunk photos. We wouldn't want to provide any least not until after they pass the test, muahahaha

Sorry for the delay, I was busy doing crazy things & taking photos, so I have more of your favorite blogs to write!!

This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci...signing out!