Thursday, January 29

Full Steam Ahead !!!

Alrighty kids, we are back in business! Sorry again for the delay. I guess I was still butthurt about getting my camera stolen, then I went back home for a month and had zero time to get on my computer in between all the glasses of wine, parties, and catching up with friends and family. (Plus I was soaking up all the people calling me 'Ceci') But now I am back in France (and now I'm called 'Veronique') and I've got a new camera and new laptop in here we go! The ever-famous Veronique Moves to France Blog is back!! And I would like to say a big thank you to all my readers who made it a point to tell me how much they missed my blog!! Smootchies!!

Sooo, naturally you want to know how my time back home in Texas went.....lets take a small journey down memory lane.....
Well for those of you who know me, know that my life is centered, at all times, around a glass o' vino......but this Christmas trip back home was an exception......Everything was centered around a bottle of wine at all times!! I have officially declared my blood type as 'Cabernet' ..... and my liver is still angry at me!
I took Stephane's family to show 'em how to really make wine! Hee hee! They insisted that even thought the bottle said 750ml....the bottles looked bigger here, but I just told them that once they crossed the border into Texas.....there is a vision force field that gives everyone Texan-Vision so that everything looks bigger.......Cause they can't have false advertising charges for the slogan "Everthing's bigger in Texas"

Stephane's brother, Pascal ......Thats Pas-Cal ..... not Pascual (for all you Mexicans out there)
well, he has a love for doughnuts, but in France doughnuts taste like cardboard... so we took him to Krispy Kreme......the pictures say it all!!!

I took the Adjou Family to see the lights dowtown....

And then it was Christmas!!!
The Barretto's & The Adjou's Christmas/Noel Throwdown 2008
There was an overload of gifts....many of which were contraband from France.....=)

My dad had to call Santa and Pere Noel and tell them they needed to join the "Go Green" movement because it was better for the environment and for his head!

So the gifts.....
My sister got her chocolate fix...

Liquid Chocolate for him, K.Y. for her....and him, too ;)

Stephane finally got his Texas Passport and his Honorary Citizen of Texas Certificate. His french name maybe Stephane Fabrice.......but his Texan name is "Stefanny Febreeze"

The BYOW Crew got an official BYOW T-Shirt !!!!

And I was apparently very I got a letter from Santa and coal !!

So at the risk of keeping you too long from your job, chores, homework, or another glass of vino.......I will put the rest of my Christmas Break on other include the deux familles vacay to Mexico, New Years, & BYOW Madness !!!
Stay tuned & Welcome Back!
This Veronique, the American formerly known and Ceci ... signing out!

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Daddio said...

Nice. Good to see your back ok. Next years stocking stuffers must be a little less revealing of mom's n I's most favorite thing to do... Having chocolate in KY. the bluegrass state. luvs