Sunday, February 1

A Lil Bit O' San Antonio in San Raphael

Okay so I just realized a hidden file of photos, so I am going to make a major 'faux pas'... and place this one now instead of the family trip to Mexico, but don't worry....that one will be next!

So having returned from the depths of my photo archive.... this one is alllll the way back from August.

Me, your lovely San Antonio-an visited a lovely beach town called San Raphael in the south of France. Yes....I, Veronique Barretto, can finally say "I vacationed in the south of France...hmmm" How chic!

Well as all good roadtrips must start, we had to make sure the tires were up to par.

But please tell me how much the word for 'tire' in french looks like it would be pronouced like the english word for the male anatomy...? (Imagine....a 4x4 penis?)

This was my "I'm vacaying in the south of France" face!

This was Dolce's "my mom is so strange" face.

He was working on an important merger deal thing.....

And this was my merger thing....

The real reason we went to San Raphael in the south of France was to spend a weekend with Stephane's family at this resort place. So the first night we arrived, it was Spanish food night at the resort......this was the big vat of Paella....mmmmm!!

Steph and his momma!

Me and Steph's bro.....Pascal!! He was shocked I didn't wear any makeup!

I woulda made a great boyscout.....cause I'm always prepared!!

The theme for the entertainment was "Grease!!" it was really ....ummm....interesting to hear Grease french.....but all in all, they get an A for effort.
Summer lovin' had me a blast! Summer lovin' happened so fast!
Go Rydell High!
Beauty School dropout...
Why this car is systematic, hyyyyydromatic....why its Grease Lightning!!
Chchchchchchchchc Buhm Buhm Chchchchchchchc.....
Go Grease Lightning Go Grease Lighting !!!!
Saaaaandy, baaaaby, I'm in misery!

The resort decided to have a firework show to celebrate my arrival! It was sooo nice of them to do that for me!

The next day we took a tour of the city! C'etait magnifique!!!

Went tanning in the little cove!

Oh la la!
This was a brand of sugar, called 'Daddy', that was on the breakfast table.....the translation for the words in black says.... "Daddy takes the form of all your desires!"

The bold part says, "Daddy....all round, all white, it has all that is good!
The bottom says, "Click, Enter,"
Either it was early or this was the msot fallic suger advertising ever!

A typical french resort breakfast....accompanyied by Champagne! Not sparkling no, the real deal!

On the last night we went out for a night on the town!

The Adjou Famille

Stay tuned for the next entry, our trip to Mexico....this time it will be in chronological order =)
This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci ... signing out!

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It's good to have you back :)

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