Tuesday, March 24

Attack of the Killer Squirrel While Moving to Dijon

Well.....we were 'en route' to Dijon with a "big" van and all of our worldly belongings in tow....
When............ A Killer Squirrel tried to take over the van!!!

First he went for the guard dog!!!
But she was not in the mood.....so he turned his sights on the driver!!
In one giant leap he threw himself back on the dog!!
Stephane was mortified!!
So was I !!!
He then turned towards me and with an evil laugh went straight for my throat!!

Please don't hurt me Mr. Squirrel!!!
"You have no power over me!! I take your van now!" yelled the killer squirrel

We were lucky he couldn't see enough to drive.....
He then instructed Stephane to follow his commands

Towards the Center of Town!!

Stop! i want to see the topless girl on the billboard ad!!
Now go left!!

Make a RIGHT!! (actually our real street that we live on ..our apt is the 4th floor around the 4th tree back on the left side of the pic)
And before the killer squirrel told us to make a left into a building....
I picked him up in one swoop and made him my lunch!!!

With the Killer Squirrel out of the way, we were able to proceed with the moving in!!

Our "big" van....

We had to show off our muscles!!
Lost in the jackets!!

Our future dining room!

The kitchen!
Our future living room!
The future bedroom!

Stephane really wanted one of the rooms in the apt to be his office.....so I told him the closet room was plenty enough!

All in all.....we unpacked in record time and now all the rooms are up an running. To date, we only have about 5 little boxes that need unpacking....In a few blog entries I will post our apartment with everything all setup! Dijon has turned out to be a great little city and I am excited to make a post about Dijon for all ya'll fans of mine!! Stay tuned for the next entry...our Valentine's Extravaganza Weekend!!
This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci . . . signing out!

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Dolce looks funny. I like this one. =D