Thursday, March 26

Valentine's Post Will Have to Wait

Cause my birthday is just way more important!

So, this year I turned the big 25! WhootWhoot! Now I can officially rent a car on my own and can no longer piggy back off my parent's insurance! Yaaaayy!! For those of you who know me, you know that I always celebrate with a crazy partay....but being that I am lacking in the friends department here in France, I thought it would be a better idea to play it low key this year....but I didn't skimp out on the fun!!
To begin it all, my parents threw me a WEBCAM Birthday Party at midnight my time (5o'clock US time)! They had my Dad's yummy famous BBQ and french champagne (there is no other kind) and drank some Malbec. I stood up with them until 5am and watched them go from sober to wasted! It was the first time I wasn't part of the drunken debauchery! Well, I was sipping on my fair share of wine here in France, but ambiance and company can add to the buzz. Anywho, I woke up feeling like I had a real life party and they woke up with real life hangovers. I had a blast and felt super great to have been able to virtually party with my family and friends. So anywho, upon waking up on my real birthday, Stephane made me a yummy breakfast!, then we took Miss Dolce and went for a walk at a nearby lake and had a picnic of Quiches, went back to apartment, talked to my sister on webcam, then off we went to have tapas and wine at a spanish restaurant, and then Stephane took me to a jazz concert tribute to Billy Holiday here in Dijon to top off my night. I will post pictures from my birthday in another post, cause something is all funky with the picture posting options (it only shows up in HTML and that would take me 5 hours to place them between text) sooo for now....I leave you with 3 interesting videos from my birthday night. The 2 are Stephane and I dancing to a song at the spanish restaurant and the last is us singing 'happy birthday' to me!!

This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci ... signing out

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Anonymous said...

in your bday cake video Dolce is looking at you like your weird. But that is normal so anyways!!!

I hope your cake(s) were yummy, cuz they looked good from the pic. =D

<3 Tori