Thursday, April 2

Were Gonna Drink Barcardi Like Its Yo Birthday!

So here are the photos I promised you from my birthday!

The breakfast Stephane made me ....

Then we went to Lac Kir (Lac is french for lake for those of you who found it not so obvious)

After laking and having a picnic lunch of quiches....we went home and got ready for some chilean wine and spanish tapas. We arived at the restaurant and found boxers hanging on the ceiling. As we were later informed....on Saturday night, if you strip to your boxers behind a giant sombrero, then give the restaurant your get a free drink!?!?!?!

Here was our meal....

The wall design.....Stephane and I were debating as to whether the thingy in the genital region of the bull was his 4th leg....or his other 5th leg? Ahahahaha

Boo on Water.....Drink Wine!!

Apparently the lighting cause the rim of my glasses to cast a shadow on my face in the form of a mustache...So this is Ceci is she were Don Juan de Ceci.

We went to a Jazz Concert Tribute to Billie Holiday afterwards, but I couldn't take any photos.
Followed by some french desserts with candles and some bubbly at our appartment.

On Wednesday was my actual birthday dinner. The restaurant we wanted to go to for my birthday is booked a month in advance and a month ago they only had an opening on the 25th....not the 23rd....but oh well. It is called the Pourquoi Pas? (Poor Kwah Paw)(translation = Why not?) It was a five course meal! See the yummyness to follow!
The first course was an amuse-bouche (literally a mouth amuser) of tapenade and toast with out pre-meal adult beverages.
The second course was our entree (translation = appetizer) I had an scallops and chorizo spring roll....and Stephane had a vegetable mousse thingy....

For our plat (translation = main course)
I had a fish potpie thingy and Stephane had Kangaroo...

Course 4.....cheese plate!!!!!!!!
Course 5......DESSERT! I had alcoholic was margarita, one was pink vodka, and one was a Cuba Libre. Stephane had a creme brulee

This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci ... signing out!

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