Tuesday, June 16

It is not wine tasting, for me it is 'market research'

What a chore I have to take on, preparing for this Masters in Wine Business. So much 'market research'. I don't want to be caught with my glass empty folks, the more I taste, the more I know (and the better buzz I get! haha)

Well whether you call it wine-tasting, market research or just maintaining the buzz...
We took a wine adventure to St. Romain. This is a small village south west of Dijon about 30miles/50km. It was popular back in the day due to the cliffs. Something about protecting people from nasty winds. Also the land is good for vines because they are positioned better in the sunlight due to the slope placement. Whatever. The wine was great! We went to one particular vineyard where the wine taster giver person gave us like 13 different wines to taste! And this was only before lunch!! Market research can be soooo demanding. In any case, I found time to take some pics for you... hope you enjoy some French countryside photos!

The Almighty Protective Cliffs!!!

The other people I dooped into "market researching" with me!

We were still composed after tasting allllll these wines!
NO JOKE, we tasted all but one of the bottles on display!!
The "downtown" of St. Romain
The left side of "downtown"
Martin - Market Researcher #2

Valerie & Stephane - Market Researchers #3 & 4

Alexis - Market Researcher #5
Well the wine was GREAT! But the city was small....when you only have one restaurant...you know you are small. And being the frenchmen they were, the restaurtant owners didn't want to make any extra money by having 5 people there...so they told us to go to another city to eat. Only in France! So we drove to the next town over called Mersault ("Mer-so")....cause we were mer-Soooooooo Hungry!!! So I took some photos there as well:
The mer-Soooooo old church

The mer-Sooooo typical Burgundy Roofs

A mer-Soooo pretty fountain!

mer-Sooooo close up now!!

mer-Sooooo far back now!

mer-Sooooo having a deja-vu!!

mer-Soooooo lucky I took a video of this dowtown Mersault!!

My mer-Soooooo yummy 'tartiflette' made with epoisse cheese (aka REALLY stinky)
I devoured this in like negative 3 seconds!!
A random photo opp I got of the french tractors that they use to ride throught the vineyard wine rows.

Hope you enjoyed my 'market research' in St. Romain and our detour in Mersault!
I'm mer-Soooooo excited to write the next entry!! Stay tuned!!
This Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci ... signing out!!

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