Friday, June 19

You know you're having too much fun at a blind wine tasting when.....

the only pictoral evidence you have are the following photos.

WARNING: This is not typical blind wine tasting protocol. If you must try our way of blind wine tasting, do try this at home because otherwise you can make a fool of yourself in public.

In case you don't know what a blind wine tasting is, it is where you taste wine that has been covered up and proceed to taste the wine and guess where it comes from, the year, the grape type, etc. For this tasting, each of us brought a bottle to contribute. I forgot to take photos of the "sophisticated" part of the blind tasting. SO you get the aftermath, once we uncovered all the bottles and let all our inhibitions to the wine. I hope you enjoy!!

The first set of photos are what happens when you shake your head like you were motioning "no"... only very frantically, then you snap a photo ... hahahaha super funny!!

Then we decided it was group photo time!!

Now the solo photos....

Now a photoshoot of just me....

And of course no photo shoot is complete without the "giant croutons in your eyes" shot

The rest are just misc. photos from the night

Why thank you, I'll have another! hahaahhaha
See! It really was a blind can barely even see the bottles!!
I hope the pictoral evidence made you laugh a lot! Also I hope it inspires you to have one of your very own!!
Stay tuned for the next post!!
This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci ... signing out!!!

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