Sunday, July 27

Let the games begin !!!

So finally after two months of living in France I am able to devote enought time to start my blog. My Blog about this crazy adventure of moving from my comfort zone, also known as the US of A, to "a place in France where the women wear no pants". (Don't lie to yourself, you know everyone sang that jingle. I think it was circa 3rd grade)

Ok, seriously, I have set up camp in the 2nd largest city in France called Lyon. (not pronounced like the zoo animal, but rather "Lee-Own", and if you have ever studied a little bit of French and want to say Lyon properly ....never pronounce the last letter of ANY word hahahahahah.) So back to where I live...I live in Lyon, the gastronomical capital of the world. For those of you who are scratching your head right now, gastronomical is the adjectival form of the word gastronomy which means "the art or science of good eating" and for those of you who live out in the means Lyon's got some damn good grub. I still miss a good Texas BBQ but the food here is pretty impressive.

So lets review, Im living in Lyon and it is the "good food" capital of the world. Also I live here with my French/honorary Texan boyfriend, Stephane, aka Frenchie. We live on the 5th floor of an apartment building (its actually the 6th floor but here in France the ground floor is not the 1st floor its called RC. I still dont know what that means but all I know is that you don't push the number 1 on the elevator because you will end up on the 2nd floor in US terms.)

Also living with us is my cutie pie of dog, Dolce. I put her in a lavishly furnished kennel, which was placed in the temp and pressure controlled cargo hold of an Air France plane and she flew with me across the big pond and here we are... Two Texans in France. If I could start a show about the 3 of us living here maybe I should call it Two & A Half Texans Living in France.

For those of you who don't know, I met Stephane in San Antonio a year ago while he was working as an exchange lawyer for 8 months. He didnt really know San Antonio or Texas til I got a hold of him 2 months before he was supposed to return home to France. He fell under my spell and as is the case when you meet anyone in the Barretto family, once you meet a are addicted for life. So boy meets girl, well actually french boy meets crazy texan girl, they fall in love and crazy texan girl decides to study the biz of wine and moves to Lyon, France to study french, get an MBA in biz of wine, and of course keep french boy under the Barretto spell.

So, as Austin Powers once said..."wherever you go, there you are." Thus, here I am.

Stay tuned for some more posting, some more pics, and some more good ole Ceci/Veronique humor.

P.S. Here in France I go by my first name "Veronique" which is super french and apparently super chic here. But for those of you back home I am still Ceci. I feel like I have a dual personality cause they call me Veronique here, but I still refer to myself as Ceci. I often catch myself saying, "Im freaking Ceci, and thats how I roll." or some crazy self reference like that.

Tell anyone who knows me about this blog, tell your friends who don't know me, heck if you think your mom can handle it, tell her too. I know my mom can, can yours?

This is Veronique, the american formerly known as Ceci......signing out.


Mesew said...

Hi Ceci - It is good to seee and hear from you,. You look very happy. We miss you and your great parties.


Laura said...

Ceci!!! I'm so glad you started this blog so everyone over here can cyber-stalk you, lol! Love the adventures you have posted thus far and the pictures are awesome...keep it coming! Love you!

Meaghan said...

I miss you!! :( :( :(

tori said...

I L-O-V-E it!

and miss you like effin crazy!

cant wait to get my plane ticket:-x cuz im about to start hell all over again. yay! but in a year my ticket better be there:-D

Kelsey said...

haha you are too funny. i'm glad everything is going well friend!

Vincent said...

very cool

i miss you so much ceci!!!!!!

but i think u need to blog about
when i was there

Daddio said...

Veronique Cecilia Barretto,
YOU ARE GROUNDED! We will talk about this when you, when you , when you oh I'm so mad. Cuz Mom & I want to go. France better watch out, cuz guess where Ceci came from, yes, your right my nut-sack. Luv you baby

Pascal COQUARD said...

Bonjour Véronique,
Ton blog est tout simplement extraordinaire. Bravo pour tout le travail effectué pour que tes ami(e)s puissent suivre ton parcours en France et voir à quel point tu t'éclates à Lyon et dans d'autres lieux français.
J'ai trouvé sensas que tu traduises certains mots en français, c'est très pédagogique de ta part !
Profite bien de tous les bons moments de la vie et sois la bienvenue en France !
Ton prof Pascal ( 09 août 2008 )

Christine!! said...

ok...first of all, i believe the song goes "theres a place in france wear the naked ladies dance"

second of all... i believe you are doing a christine pose in the pic with you holding out one finger and that face. don't lie. you totally got that from me!