Wednesday, July 30

To Be? or Nantes To Be? That is the question!

You're probably wondering about the title...Nantes, it's a French city in the north western part of the country (so as all words in french go... don't pronounce the last letter. So you say "nohnt") The city used to be the southern most border of a separate country called Bretagne (pronounced "breh-tohnya") Some famous king dude, Louis the something, decided it needed to be part of France, so now it is part of France. But, Bretagne is kinda like Texas, cause some people still think it should be independent, they have their own flag, emblem, slanguage, and they are super proud of their state-thingy. Whatever. Anyways, Stephane was born and raised in Nantes, so we decided to take Vincent there. Also part of the reason for going was Stephane's best friend Maxime and his little brother Pascal were celebrating their birthdays. Like most roadtrips, we stopped at some pretty rural rest stations. One was called Paris. We felt obliged to use the Notre-Dame Catherdral restrooms. And take some pictures at some upside down fork in the road called the Eiffel Tower.
*If you use the Notre-Dame Cathedral's bathroom, is it considered a religious movement?

*Who knew a bunch of scrap metal would be so popular?
*Straight up gangsta, yo
*I was going to buy this apartment on the left, but the street traffic is ridiculous

And most importantly, we found Vincent a french moonbounce. (in french: bounce de la lune) and you will be happy to know that Vincent kicked out some 5 yr old kids just to take these pics.

Upon arriving in Nantes, we took showers (that's an important detail) and then headed over to Maxime's birthday BBQ, Stephane's bestest friend since grade school. French BBQs are very different than Texas ones. While Texans appreciate their meat, the French are obsessed with their sausage.

So back to Maxime's BBQ...

*Maxime is the guy hovering over Stephane
*It was the guy's "crazy picture" and don't ask how Maxime can reach his leg that high...ok fine, he is a 23rd degree black belt in Taekwondo
*These guys have been friends since before they had cooties
*Word up, G

So basically we drank a lot of "non-alcoholic" french wine, beer, and rhum. And after feeling really sober we decided it was time to shake it on over to a club.
*Who can resist Michael Jackson's signature move?
*Billy Jean is not my lover...
*Let's just say Michael Jackson was on for a while

*We gonna sip Bacardi like its yo birthday

*I know he is taller than me, but he is still my little brother
*Fo shizzle dizzle, grab yo blizzle if you a gangsta-izzle

*This is only excusable cause it was Maxime's birthday
*What can I say, this is what "non-alcoholic" drinks do to you
*Naturally, the night ended with Vincent showing the French clubgoers how to dance
*Anyone got some $1's ?

Little did we know that the sun was making its way up by the time Vincent made his way to the pole. We left the club at 6am! It was a super fun night and a super drunken one too! How drunken? Well, I may have fallen down the stairs coming back from the bathroom...damn those "non-alcoholic" drinks! I guess I have an allergic reaction to alcohol because I always seem to make a fool of myself when I drink a lot ?? I don't get it! I guess I need to get really drunk more often so I can figure this out. Not to worry all you fans of the scientific method, the next night I got equally as drunk and thus able to test out my hypothesis. I am so glad I paid attention in grade school. Let's see if I remember it correctly:
Ask a Question: "Do I have an allergic reaction to alcohol because I always seem to make a fool of myself when I drink a lot?"
Do Background Research: So, I looked back at all my pictoral evidence since college.
Construct a Hypothesis: I think that when I drink a lot, I make a fool of myself
Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment: Well, this oughta be fun
Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion: Still in progress
Communicate Your Results: Does this include those drunken phone calls I make?

To any grade school teachers who read this, "Thank you for teaching me and so many others such a valuable lesson."

So back to Vincent being in France, stay tuned for the next night of our "non-drunken" adventures.
This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci...signing out!


bbmee said...

GIRL!!!! I am so happy for you, having fun on the other side of the world and stuff. Keep in touch, stay safe and i will come visit you, sometime. I cant wait to hear more and see more pics. Oh and tell you Bro Vinnie Hi, i know he prob doesnt remember me, but after all, he was the cute lil boy in my wedding walking down the isle with my daughter!


Kelsey said...

i'm super jealous of all your non-drunken nights. sounds fun! oh and that shirt you wore to the club looks great. it looks amazingly like this red and white one i have that i got while i was visiting a crazy college friend in texas. hmmm... ;)