Tuesday, July 29

What's worse than one Barretto in France?

TWO !!! That's right, France had the lucky privilege of having not one but two Barretto's within its borders! Lucky for me, my hangover from the All-White Party had subsided just in time to pick up my little brother, Vincent, at the airport in Paris for his month long visit. Ok, that's a lie. I still had a hangover so I made Stephane go pick up my brother. Ok, that's a lie too. I really couldn't miss school. But it's way more hardcore to say I had a week long hangover. hahahaha.

Anywho, my brother arrived here in Lyon on June 11. And like most big sisters would, I made sure he was well taken care of =) I take great pride in knowing I was the perfect role model. Rest assured I taught him all I know. Skill is everything!

And so did Stephane...

Now don't get your undies in a twist, we showed him the finer sides of life too. For example, historical fountains

bridge architecture...(bridge in french: "le pont"...don't pronounce the last letter!)

fashion...(in french: Haute Couture)

fine dining...(in french: Haute Cuisine)

ninja-like cooking skills...(in french: cuisiner comme un ninja...pronounced "neenzha")

and of course a well balanced diet...YUMMY!!! What? Fruit is a major part of a proper diet!
(in french: ooh la la!)

After such a long day of learning about "adult-like" things...it was time to show Vincent where people in Lyon go if they want go "down under"....... you are sick! We took him to an Australian Bar! Aussie's are known for their "non-alcoholic" beer and "totally sober" bar patrons, so naturally we thought it was a great place to take Vincent.

* the only thing missing in this Barretto sandwich is our middle sister, Tori
*And these two are lawyers???
*I take no responsibilty for my brothers facial expression, oh wait, i was buying him "non-alcoholic" beer
*We really are rockstars
*Don't ask, just laugh

So, being that my brother stayed for one month, the next few posts will be about the positive influence and cultural teachings that I bestowed upon my brother. I like to think he is my protege.

P.S. A message for my brother:

"The force is strong with you, young Jedi"

Your Oldest Yoda
(I know Tori teaches you a thing or two also)

To the rest of you, thanks for tuning in. Look for the sequel to the "Two Barretto's in France" adventure.

This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci...signing out!

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Anonymous said...

I miss you so friend, I hope to see you soon -cat