Wednesday, September 24

Golden Head

So economic financial crisis and the proposed $700billion bail-out plan aside,
what other reason do you folks have for not coming to visit me in Lyon, France?
Vous ne parlez pas francais??

Well its alright cause I am here doing the touristy thing in Lyon for ya'll!!
First stop...Golden Head Park!!! (hu hu hu) Ok technically Park of the Head of Gold, but golden head just sounds like more fun! It's called "Parc de la Tete-d'or" ...Tete means 'head' and Or means 'gold'' means 'of' and la means 'the' there ya go!

Well, I went here a few weeks back when it was still hot but I figured you wanted to read about my drunken adventures first....

So Golden Head we come!!

*Just a side note, the park is named Golden Head Park because apparently the designer buried the golden head of Jesus H. Christ somewhere on the grounds...I'm coming here for Easter!!Why search for Easter eggs when you can search for the golden head of J.C. !!!

The grand main gate, but there are 7 other entrances to be exact.
Where is the golden head....
I don't know what this was supposed to symbolize other than sometimes one needs help moving one's ball.
The following are a series of artistic pictures that I call "Reflections on a Tree"

Pretty Lake
You can rent boats and go explore the lake...
Course we did!!!
Row Row Row your boat.....
The Rose Garden

And they have a free Zoo!!
The Lions of Lyon!!!!
The Elphalents!!!!! Thats how my lil sis used to call them when she was little!

I hope the Golden Head is not buried in there!!
And the giraffes!!!

And some kind of longhorn looking thing...I heard Mexico was missing their national animal!
Sorry this was super short....but I currently suffering from severe sinus problems!
But I want to keep my readers happy and informed!!
ByTheWay....Ya'll better stay tuned for the Presidential Debates with and I quote "Candy McCain and Obama Rama(who went to my college, Occidental College, for 2 years!! Whoot Whoot!!)
This is Veronique, the American formerly know as Ceci...signing out!
*I am officially french now


Daddio said...

So, your stroll to the park seems like it was nice, along with the visit to the zoo. Your blog reminds me of a story, Christ comes to earth to check on His animals, to see how they are being treated and if they are ok, etc. He asks them to send 1 rep from ea. species to come talk with Him. First in line was the elfalent (luv u Tori). The huge animal was telling Christ all ok except he wondered about his long trunk, was it a joke? Christ tells him "my creature, you are the largest animal so as for you not to struggle, I gave you the trunk to feed yourself and afterwards to shower", elephant was pleased. Few other animals went through. Next was the giraffe. Same questions, only his neck and skin design, was it a joke? "my creature, you are the tallest one, you get the best of the best, the fruits that no one else can reach. The skin, for protection, camaflouge", giraffe was pleased. Few other animals pass by, next was the chicken, Right off the tongue of the chicken, it said, " I don't want to hear any philisophical mumbo jumbo, you either make the egg smaller or my hole bigger". Hope you get to feeling better, oh and the your finally French thing, I believe that occurred sometime ago. Luv u bye, Miss u!

Meaghan said...

I Miss my Schmeci!!! I got caught up on all of your posts now! You are such a dork!! You would go searching for golden head. That picture of you at the bottom in the hat and scarf is ridiculous. YOU ARE BECOMING FRENCH! AHHHH. In case I forgot to say this I miss you....Tell your family I say hi. Call me!

vincent said...

hey nigger

i like how u planed this when i was there

so when are you coming back to visit!!!!
i miss you
....and dolce

love you