Thursday, September 4

Why do zee French have zee cheese and zee Arabs have zee oil?

Because zee French had zee first pick!!
hee hee hee

Ok that was my stab at how funny it is to hear th French say "zee" all the time instead of "the"

But to all my french readers out there, I'm sure there are 1,000 things I say in my very American accent that are funny, but you're gonna have to start a blog first before you can make fun of me.


So after filtering through french jokes trying to find one that was postable....I didn't say funny.....just postable....I finally decided on this post's topic. I had to put on my thinking face for the occasion:

It came to my attention that none of you has seen or read about my studies here in France.....where do I go to school, what does it look like, what are my classmates like?? How rude of me! I have declared today "Take Your Blog Fans to School Day"
Here we goooooooo......

Upon waking up, showering and eating some grub, I find my way to the elevator and make one last mirror check before heading to school. This happens 5 days a week and 3 hours a day. (and I am referring to school, not the mirror session)

I walk the 15 minutes to the Metro...

This is my view as I wait for the metro

Then the task is to find a seat that is not next to someone smelly, someone who tries to hit on you, someone who stares at you the whole time, loud and annoying youth, someone begging for money, someone who wants to ask you questions (in french) get the picture.

*This guy tried to tell me he would be my personal Lyon guide. He seemed legit cause he had a guide book, but I refused....he came off as a bit looney!

And finally after one change over and like 10 stops and some more walking.....we arrive to my school!
The Alliance Francaise!!

The Entrance
The outside
The Courtyard
More Courtyard/Smoker's Tables
The side class window is on the second level

The lobby where we socialize

The stairway to my class

My classroom

The Alliance Francaise is a super great school and super famous! They have chapters all over the world! But the one I go to is the best! Its so popular, even Jesus comes here to learn french!

Here is my class from July:

The teachers here are amazing and very patient with all us non-french folks!
But french grammer like all grammer can be taxing at times....

But once the school bell rings....we are back into action and ready to practice all the french we have learned!!!

The Lyon-ians enjoy spending time on their riverbanks, socializing, drinking, etc.
We have to practice the french drinking habits!

We practice the french "fete" concept!

But I don't think the French get this crazy!

This guy is from Japan....Can't understand a word he says in French or any language, but he is always a hit at the parties!

There are a crap load of Spaniards here! And they are the wildest of them all!

The Croatian gals have the highest tolerance to hard alcohol and it's impossible to keep the clothes on the Brazilian girls!

Of course the Mexican would get all the ladies! Pinche Cabron!


Even the professors think we are cool enough to chill with!

And only the most daring french invite us foreigners in....

It was short, but sweet! Hope you liked my school !! And don't's the girls from Texas that are the ones your mom warned you about!!!!!

This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci...signing out!


Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for the tour sweetie, way cool of you to let us have a little peek into your daily life. We will all continue to live vicariuosly (did i spell that right?) through you!

So when is the wedding again? And will it be over there or over here?

Love n miss ya chic!


Papa said...

I'm going to try to see if I remember my french from high school. Here goes. Bon voir votre ecole et comment vous voyagez pour obtenir pour instruire. Aussi vos amis ont l'air d'ils sont beaucoup d'amusement. Juste faire attention sur le metro, le gars qui s'asseyait a cote de vous a l'air de lui a sorti de juste le sanatorium. Vous aimer les gars.
le Papa.

athit said...

hey ! how are you doing CECI ? Im athit do you remember me hehe well when u r coming back to SA ? so we can go drink agian haha... well hey this is myspace add me ok ?

see u soon ~ ^_^