Thursday, February 26

Lyon can suck on my bone! We're moving to Dijon!!!

Okay, soooooo I am so over Lyon......

I got bored and quite frankly I was losing blog material......
Plus I heard the mayor got wind of my rendition of Lyon history and wasn't too happy. Damn the french snobbism......they have no sense of humor when it comes to making fun of their culture. Ugh!

So now I get a new city to pick on........a new history to make fun of, er uh, I mean recount...
Hopefully this one will be more into my sense of humor.....

So, why did we move to Dijon?
Well, Stephane got hired by a company called Groupama. Yes my friends, he did the impossible, he actually found a salary paying job during the financial crisis! So what does this company...."Groupama" do? Well anything with "-ama" for an ending has to be awesome right?

It ain't no drama if Obama is on yo mama without her pajama while pretending she's his llama.

Okay, well maybe not that's actually an insurance & banking company. I know, I know, you would think the last place to hire these days would be an insurance/bank company....but apparently they need lawyers these days.

Here is where Stephane works......its the shizz-ama!

They don't allow clocks in the building so everyone has to go outside to see the time.

So upon getting hired, they told Stephane that he needed to move to Dijon and be ready to start in one we had to really kick our Ass-ama's in high gear and find an apartment..... and in this blog you get to come along on our trip-ama.

So we have our first apartment-ama visit at takes 2 hours to drive there......1 hour to get ready and have breakfast-ama, so we had to wake up at 5ama !!

Stephane is very perky at 6am!

Of course the McDonald's on the way doesn't serve breakfast food....but they tell us with a smile that they are open breakfast hours with a regular menu!! So we had the breakfast of champions.....of heavy weightlifting.....ugh McDonald's burger at 6am......stomache ache-ama!! And a lesser known fact is that with the exception of select McDonald's, there are absolutely no places to get breakfast food in France.....where are the Jim's, Denny's, Cracker Barrells when you need them?


Smootchies to the McDonald's "Le M"

I want to eat the box-ama!!!

And seriously, you would think that someone in the translation-ama department would have thought twice about calling their ranch dressing wanna be......CREAMY DELUXE!

I love it when I have CREAMY DELUXE Sauce in my mouth!

Open wide, for CREAMY DELUXE !!

It wasn't until we got to Dijon that we noticed that the printer was out of ink when we printed the it was super super light gray every other direction line and the rest was.....well, white ink?

I have no idea where to go?

Stephane turned to the CREAMY DELUXE for answers.....

So after driving around aimlessly-ama we found the first apartment, fell in love with it! Saw the second one, which was decorated like someone threw up greek deco, plaid, yellow, yucky crap on the walls (you think i am joking?) It was so bad, it gave me indigestion! And that was on top of the McDonalds burger and swallowing all that CREAMY DELUXE!!!!
Anywho, we didn't have the will power (nor the printed directions) to see the third apartment and besides, we already knew that the first apartment was for we called the owner-ama and told her we wanted it! She asked us for the secret password....which was obviously CREAMY DELUXE!!! And with that the apartment was ours!!!

Stephane telling the owner the secret password...


Dolce thinks we are strange....but she loves us anyways
And now......stay tuned for the "Moving out of our Lyon apartment-ama" blog!!
This is Veronique, the American-ama formerly known as Ceci, signing out!!



Daddio said...

Thats strange! Mom and I belong to a club with the same name as Stephane's work. What a coinky-dinky. L I B. Well your AMA phrases were cute and I find myself wanting to use AMA, so here goes... it's late so I am heading to the Cama. Here's another one. Tell Stephane, si no le gusta pues que me la mama....LOL. J/K Oh snap! I hope that wasn't too much and now he is in truama. caio-ama

Christine W said...

hey i miss you! I hope everything is going well...I'm excited to read your Dijon history!!! tell Stephane hi!!!!!!!! and also tell him that i am learning about algerian history in my modern middle east class. very interesting.