Friday, August 1

Tef de la sique-Mu

You're probably thinking "What the hell? (in internet lingo "WTF?") What in the heck is ...Tef de la sique-Mu?" Well don't ask me why, but Stephane and his friends like to take certain words and say them backwards. For example, "Fou" is the french word for crazy, so they say "ouf", "Chaud" is the french word for hot so they say "au-ch" (as always, don't pronounce the last letter 'd', and in french 'ch'= is said like 'sh'). So following their strange customs... "Tef de la sique-Mu" is actually Fete de la Musique. Fete means party or celebration and I hope you can figure out what the english equivalent for Musique is.....(jeopardy song plays in the background)...... Good job! It means music! So it's the Celebration of Music and the french celebrate it every year on the summer solstice/longest day of the year/most daylight time to party.....usually June 21. So every city (en francais=ville) has its own Fete de la Musique. Everyone goes downtown (en francais=centre ville) drinks until 6am and local and famous artists alike, strap on their guitars, bang on their drums, and belt out some tunes. No joke, huge cities like Paris and Lyon can have 300+ bands playing in the middle of all the streets downtown. So the following photos were my brother and my first experience with the Nantes-ians "Tef de la sique-Mu."
*hard to see, but bands were lined up on both sides of the street
*Nantes is known for their large population of hippies and neo-hippies.
**Neo-hippies is best described by the users of UrbanDictionary at the following address:
***Parent's, this is an excellent website/tool for you to use to understand the slang your kids come home using.
*A close up of the Nantes-ian hippies
*The ever-famous hippie peace symbol (minus the weird tongue thing)
*More Nantes-ians
*Vincent and Maxime at the hip hop section of Fete de la Musique

Stay tuned for the next post. Peace!

This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci...signing out!

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