Monday, August 25

Eiffel Towering

As the saying goes, all crazy, wild, fun, outrageous, laughter-filled, pandemonium like things must come to a close. So here we are...the last day of my brother's visit to France. =(

We had to drive him to the airport in Paris, so we left the day before to spend some time doing terribly touristic things!

First, we saw Ghandi....

* I liked his message. I always knew Ghandi was a smart man.

Then we went to see Notre-Dame Cathedral. No matter how many times you see it, it is still just as breathtaking!

And as all tourists do....we took a picture in front of it

*How I got Notre-Dame to move and not Stephane and beyond me

*Everyone together! Gotta love the invention of the time delay option

Then we headed towards the ever famous.... Eiffel Tower! We decided to buy some wine and sit in the gardens facing it, along with other tourists and locals.
I think this act deserves its own verb....time to look at Veronique's/Ceci's Dictionary!

In english, Eiffel Towering....In french Tour-Eiffeling

Eiffel Towering / Tour-Eiffeling [tour-eye-felling] v. to visit the Eiffel Tower and sit in its garden/grassy area for purposes of socializing with friends, imbibing alcohol, and/or picnicing

Everyone has to take a picture

Even Dolce!

Now we can commence with Eiffel Towering...

We walk towards it

We walk up to it

I take a strange picture (as usual)

One is never enough

We walk under it

We walk behind it

and we plop ourselves down in the grass, bottle and glasses in hand

Evidence that we were Eiffel Towering / Tour Eiffeling

We made a toast to Vincent's stay here in France, but the moment was ruined when I passed gas

It was pretty bad

Hee hee hee......

I warned him before we got together that this may happen a few times and he willingly entered the realm of Ceci/ I don't feel bad

He kept complaining that it smelled really bad.....and I told him "You better like it !!"

And like the fantastic boyfriend he is...he changed his face real quick!
(he knows whats good for him)

Vincent did too. Im not a force to be messed with. Neither are my farts
"I want a chicken sandwich...and some waffle fries...FOR FREE !!!"
*If you wanna get that inside joke, you're gonna have to YouTube it. Search: Unforgiveable

After the passing of gas incident.....came the real entertainment...
Below are some pictures of the spectaclular show

I got a little camera happy on the "Starry sky" mode

And just because I am such a nice and giving person...I have put 2 videos of this wonderful sight for your viewing pleasure.

After the show, we went to our hotel room, woke up and took Vincent for one last lunch at a french Brasserie (Cafe/Bistro for all you ign'ant people out there). And off he went, back to the good ole US of A!!

It was way too much of a good time! I miss him a bunch already. I can't wait to see the crazy posts for when the sister and parents come to visit! It was ultra amazing to have my brother here to help the move to France be a little more easy. I am having the experience of a lifetime here, but I miss my family and my friends like crazy!! Vous me manquez beaucoup beaucoup!!

I still have dreams about the craziness we had while my brother was visiting....he kinda looks like this in my dreams

This is Vincent...signing out of France (don't worry, he'll be back)

And that my friends, is the end of Two Barretto's in France, now its just you better keep on reading!

This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci...signing out!

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Hey Ceci! I finally caught up on all your blogs...! Swing by my blog every now and again... I'm adding you to my blogroll... :)