Wednesday, August 6

"Love is...

...a grave mental disease." - Pluto

But that's ok cause I'm already a bit crazy. It's a good thing Pluto didn't know me cause I don't want to know what he would quote about me!

So back to the whole "love is a grave mental disease" thing. Stephane and I have been together for one year now! (All together....awwwwwww!) And yes, it is safe to say that together we create one strange mental disease! We were still in Nantes and decided to celebrate the day we first met (in addition to the first day we officially became a couple) because well we are all mushy and lovey dovey and we just really like reasons to drink and go out. Oh and we spent a better part of that year 5163 kilometers apart, so don't even think about giving me any crap about how sappy this entry may seem or how corny it is to celebrate both the first day we met and when we became a couple, cause I will straight up get gangsta on yo booty!
Just because we are so nice, we took along VinMan to witness this love fest. We started out by having a drink at a local bar in Nantes and by drink, I mean an entire bottle of wine. I don't measure my wine consumption by glasses, I measure it by bottles. Don't try it at home folks...I am a trained professional!
The picture below is Vincent and I trying to calculate how many bottles of wine I have consumed since the year 2002. (do the math...I was drinking wine since before I was 21, that makes me a professional)
The next photo is my reaction to the number of bottles I have imbibed since 2002 (plus the one we were drinking) hahaha
Stephane drank to that as well (considering he has been a partner in wine since the first day we met)
And Vincent, well he toasted with his reflection cause he was feeling like the third wheel
So, ya'll are probably wondering just how many bottles I've guzzled down.....
I think Vincent's face says it all ... a FFFFFreakin Shload of wine
Yes you read it right, a FFFFFFreakin Shload!!

Shload is another word from the Veronique Dictionary:
Shload [sh-lohde] n. 1. an amount too much to count 2. the combination of the words sh*t and load stemming from the ever popular slang word, sh*tload!
Example: I have drank a shload of wine in my time.

Did you honestly think I was going to incriminate myself like that? The IRS would most definitely make me pay a tax if I disclosed that number!

Next, we walked across the street to have our celebration dinner at a restaurant that served some tasty "aperitifs" aka the french word for "appetizer in drink form". (Oh my Lord, how I love the french! Before they let you eat their food, they make sure the 'spirit' is with you, and I am not talking about the holy one.)

* Vincent with his aperitif
And, the best part was the awesome Zebra decor!!! In case you don't know, I am obsessed with something other than wine and it is Zebra print! My room back at home is allllllllllllllllllllllllll zebra...well that is if my parents haven't turned it into their private "office".
And, the next best thing after the Zebra-ness was the YUMMY food!!!!
*My dish - Assorted "Fruits of the Sea" (that's what the call seafood, en francais= 'fruits de la mer' [froo-ee deh lah mare])
*Stephane's Dish - Albacore Tuna Steak (tuna en francais = thon)
*Vincent's Dish - Gigantic Shrimp over Pasta (shrimp en francais = crevette [krev-oht])
(gigantic shrimp en francais = gambas)
Then we decided to walk of the meal. Well actually, Vincent and I walked and Stephane hobbled cause he was still on crutches from his attempt at qualifying for the Olympic french hurdle team.
*Vincent tried to be nice and make Stephane feel loved. Little do you know that Vincent was actually kicking at Stephanes crutches the whole way to the car!

On a strange, yet important, side note...It has come to my attention that lots of french women stop buying pants when they are 13 and wear them until they are 35! This creates the reverse camel toe effect and looks like so...
French women !!!!!!!! Stop !!!!!!!!!!!! It is not only horrible to look at, but it causes yeast infections!!!!!! Buy new pants that don't create the GREAT DIVIDE!!!!!! And a special thanks to my brother who so willingly posed for this picture!
Back to our one year (when we met) anniversary.
To end the night, we went to a bar that looks like the inside of a pirate ship and drank some more and listened to some good ole american rock and roll!!! Oh, and we were totally getting a kick out of these 2 couples sitting near us. Apparently they met on the internet under the "young couple seeks other couple for misc. (fore) playtime" and this was their first meeting, one couple was horrified by the other and were trying to guzzle their drinks down and get the hell outta Dodge! Super funny!

Hope you enjoyed our first (when we met) anniversary! Hope it wasn't too sappy!
Stay tuned for the post about our trip to the beach
This is Veronique, the American formerly known as Ceci...signing out!

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